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Our Services

Tea Catering


Elevate your event with the grace of our tea catering. Immerse yourself in a world of fragrant brews, served alongside delectable pastries, fostering an atmosphere of refined relaxation and engaging conversations.

Latte Catering


Experience opulence with our latte catering service. Our expert baristas craft customizable lattes, seamlessly blending rich espresso with velvety steamed milk, ensuring your event is an exquisite journey into the artistry of coffee.

Espresso Catering


Ignite your gathering with the bold and invigorating flavors of our espresso catering service. Immerse yourself in the essence of finely brewed espresso shots, complemented by artisanal pastries, sparking spirited caffeinated conversations.

Cold Brew Catering

cold brew

Chill in style with our cold brew catering. Sip on the smooth, chilled elixir of coffee, tailored precisely to your taste, offering the ultimate refreshment for your special occasion.

Barista for Hire


Transform your event into a coffee masterpiece with our barista for hire service. Our skilled baristas bring their expertise and top-of-the-line coffee equipment, creating each cup as a unique work of caffeinated art.

Cappuccino Catering


Infuse Italian allure into your event with cappuccino catering. Revel in the harmony of espresso and frothy steamed milk, expertly prepared to add an air of sophistication and flavor to your gathering.

Iced Coffee Catering

Beat the heat with iced coffee catering, offering a tantalizing array of chilled coffee creations. From creamy iced lattes to sweetened cold brews, we serve up the ultimate in cold coffee delights.

Hot Chocolate Catering

hot chocolate

Indulge your senses with hot chocolate catering. Luxuriate in velvety hot cocoa, adorned with swirls of whipped cream and plush marshmallows, delivering a comforting and delightful experience for guests of all ages at your event.

Coffee Bar Wedding Catering

Experience the essence of Seattle’s coffee culture with our Coffee Bar Wedding Catering service. Your special day will be enhanced with a customized coffee bar, staffed by our expert baristas who specialize in a variety of gourmet coffees and espressos. This isn’t just about serving drinks; it’s about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Seattle. We offer a diverse range of coffee selections, from hand-poured artisan lattes to specialty brews, tailored to the unique tastes of your guests. Our coffee bar will add an element of sophistication and local flair to your Seattle wedding, ensuring a seamless service and an exceptional coffee experience that complements the joy and uniqueness of your celebration.

Coffee Bar Rentals for Events

Elevate your Seattle events with our Coffee Bar Rentals service. Ideal for corporate gatherings, conferences, or private celebrations, our coffee bars bring a distinctive Seattle coffee experience to any event. We provide fully equipped coffee stations with professional baristas ready to serve a range of coffee options, from robust Americanos to smooth cappuccinos. More than just a beverage service, our coffee bars create a dynamic social hub, encouraging interaction and enjoyment over high-quality coffee. Customizable to align with your event’s theme and style, our coffee bar rentals are a perfect way to make your Seattle event both unique and memorable.

Mobile Coffee Cart Catering Services

Our Mobile Coffee Cart Catering Services in Seattle offer a unique and convenient way to enjoy authentic coffee experiences. Whether it’s a corporate event, private party, or community gathering, our mobile coffee carts are equipped to provide superior coffee services across Seattle. Operated by experienced baristas, our carts serve a variety of coffee choices, from classic drip coffee to intricate espresso-based drinks. These mobile coffee carts are more than just convenient; they represent the essence of Seattle’s coffee culture, bringing quality and sophistication to any event, and ensuring your guests enjoy a memorable coffee experience.

Espresso Excellence in Seattle

espresso in seattle

Seattle Washington isn’t just known for its scenic beauty or the iconic Space Needle; it’s a city celebrated for its coffee culture. Within this caffeinated landscape, espresso holds a special place, representing sophistication and a deep appreciation for the art of coffee-making. Our venture into espresso catering isn’t incidental. We recognized the city’s palate, its yearning for that perfect shot of espresso – rich, smooth, and bold.

Every espresso we serve is a culmination of careful bean selection, precise roasting, and expert brewing. The beans, sourced from renowned coffee regions, undergo a meticulous roasting process that ensures the flavor and aroma are retained. Our baristas, trained extensively in the art and science of espresso brewing, then use state-of-the-art machines to extract coffee shots that are nothing short of perfection. To sip our espresso is to experience Seattle’s coffee legacy in its purest form.

Seattle's Premier Espresso Catering

If you’ve wandered the streets of Seattle WA, you’ve undoubtedly been enticed by the fragrant aromas wafting from its numerous cafes and restaurants. The city’s history is steeped in coffee, and it’s evident everywhere you go. However, there’s a paradigm shift occurring. While traditional cafes continue to be beloved, the demand for specialized espresso catering, especially at events, has seen a significant surge.

Espresso catering brings the ambiance and quality of a high-end cafe directly to your event. It’s not about merely serving coffee; it’s about recreating the entire cafe experience – the sound of the espresso machine, the sight of the rich coffee pouring into the cup, the aroma that fills the air, and of course, the taste that delights the palate. Our trained baristas, with their profound knowledge of coffee, interact with guests, guiding them through the menu, explaining the subtleties of each brew, and ensuring they get a cup tailored to their liking. When you choose our espresso catering, you’re choosing an immersive experience, one that your attendees will cherish.

Coffee Carts: Bringing the Café to You

The food truck revolution changed the way we perceived mobile dining. Riding on that wave, our coffee carts are redefining the coffee catering scene in Seattle. It’s not just about mobility; it’s about delivering a comprehensive cafe experience on-the-go. Our carts, designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, are a visual treat. But it’s what’s inside that truly sets them apart.

Our menu is diverse, catering to the seasoned coffee aficionado and the casual drinker alike. The classic espressos, with their robust flavors, are a hit among purists. At the same time, the chilled cold brews, with their smooth texture and refreshing taste, cater to those seeking something different. Beyond the drinks, it’s the ambiance that our carts create that makes them special. They become gathering spots, places where conversations start, and memories are made.

These coffee carts are versatile, fitting seamlessly into any event. Whether it’s a corporate seminar where attendees need their caffeine fix to keep the energy levels up or a relaxed social gathering where coffee becomes the medium of connection, our carts rise to the occasion. With every event we cater to, we aim to not just serve coffee but to add a touch of warmth, a dash of comfort, and a whole lot of flavor.

Mobile Coffee Solutions for Every Event

The dynamic nature of events in our modern era requires a fresh approach to service delivery. This realization prompted our dive into mobile espresso services, an endeavor that’s a testament to our adaptability and forward-thinking. Traditional coffee catering methods, although effective, sometimes lack the spontaneity and versatility today’s events demand. With the evolution of virtual conferences, outdoor celebrations, and unconventional event locations, there arose a need for a more flexible coffee solution. That’s where our mobile services come into play.

Our mobile espresso stations are designed with state-of-the-art equipment, mirroring the efficiency and quality of a stationary café. These aren’t just carts with a coffee pot; they’re a full-fledged coffee experience on wheels. Our baristas man these stations, ensuring every cup brewed matches the gold standard we’ve set.

Moreover, the idea of “remote participation” in events has gained traction lately. Recognizing this shift, our brew delivery system is structured to serve remote participants, guaranteeing that even if they aren’t physically present, they are very much a part of the experience. This approach not only magnifies inclusivity but also redefines the boundaries of traditional event catering.

Service Beyond the Cup: Our Commitment to Seattle's Events

Seattle’s rich tapestry of cultures, tastes, and preferences presents a unique challenge for service providers. Meeting this challenge head-on, we’ve sculpted our services to resonate with the heartbeat of the city. While our coffee, brewed to perfection, is our primary offering, it’s the encompassing experience that truly distinguishes us.

Dive into our menu, and you’ll find a curated collection that tells a story. The robust classic espresso pays homage to traditional coffee lovers, while the silky cold brews nod to the contemporary evolution of coffee tastes. For events with a particular theme or a discerning audience, we dive deep into customization, crafting drinks that align with the mood, theme, and guest preferences.

But services, no matter how stellar, are only as good as the team behind them. Our team, a mix of experienced baristas, coffee connoisseurs, and customer service experts, are the backbone of our operations. They’re trained not just in the art of making coffee but in understanding and anticipating client needs. So, whether you’re in the initial stages of planning, mid-way, or at the concluding stages, our team is by your side, guiding, assisting, and ensuring smooth service delivery.

Our communication channels are structured to be open, transparent, and efficient. Any query, feedback, or discussion is welcomed and addressed promptly. It’s this proactive approach to service that has cemented our reputation in Seattle.


In Seattle, where each coffee cup carries a sentiment, a memory, or an emotion, we don’t just serve drinks; we serve experiences. Each cup is a blend of the city’s rich history, its contemporary tastes, and a promise of a brighter, caffeinated future. When you collaborate with us, you’re not just opting for a coffee service; you’re opting for a partnership that values your event as much as you do.