Tea Catering


Elevate your event with the grace of our tea catering. Immerse yourself in a world of fragrant brews, served alongside delectable pastries, fostering an atmosphere of refined relaxation and engaging conversations.

Latte Catering


Experience opulence with our latte catering service. Our expert baristas craft customizable lattes, seamlessly blending rich espresso with velvety steamed milk, ensuring your event is an exquisite journey into the artistry of coffee.

Espresso Catering


Ignite your gathering with the bold and invigorating flavors of our espresso catering service. Immerse yourself in the essence of finely brewed espresso shots, complemented by artisanal pastries, sparking spirited caffeinated conversations.

Cold Brew Catering

cold brew

Chill in style with our cold brew catering. Sip on the smooth, chilled elixir of coffee, tailored precisely to your taste, offering the ultimate refreshment for your special occasion.

Barista for Hire


Transform your event into a coffee masterpiece with our barista for hire service. Our skilled baristas bring their expertise and top-of-the-line coffee equipment, creating each cup as a unique work of caffeinated art.

Cappuccino Catering


Infuse Italian allure into your event with cappuccino catering. Revel in the harmony of espresso and frothy steamed milk, expertly prepared to add an air of sophistication and flavor to your gathering.

Iced Coffee Catering

Beat the heat with iced coffee catering, offering a tantalizing array of chilled coffee creations. From creamy iced lattes to sweetened cold brews, we serve up the ultimate in cold coffee delights.

Hot Chocolate Catering

hot chocolate

Indulge your senses with hot chocolate catering. Luxuriate in velvety hot cocoa, adorned with swirls of whipped cream and plush marshmallows, delivering a comforting and delightful experience for guests of all ages at your event.

Welcome to Coffee Catering Seattle, where we transform your events with the rich aroma and exquisite flavors of expertly crafted coffee. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, a city renowned for its vibrant coffee culture, we bring a touch of local charm and sophistication to every occasion. From intimate weddings to large-scale corporate events, our comprehensive coffee catering services are designed to suit any gathering, ensuring a memorable experience for all your guests.

Coffee Bar for Events: Elevate your event with a customizable coffee bar, offering a variety of gourmet coffee options that cater to all tastes. Our professional baristas will serve your guests with style, making each cup a delightful experience.

Coffee Bar Wedding Catering: Make your special day even more memorable with our coffee bar wedding catering service. Tailored to fit the theme of your wedding, our coffee bars add an elegant touch that your guests will love.

Coffee Cart Catering Near Me: Looking for a flexible coffee solution? Our mobile coffee carts are perfect for any event, providing freshly brewed coffee wherever you need it. Ideal for outdoor events or locations without coffee facilities.

Coffee Bar Rental Wedding: Our coffee bar rental service offers a chic and sophisticated addition to your wedding, providing guests with premium coffee beverages crafted by skilled baristas.

Hot Chocolate Cart Rental: Add a warm and inviting option to your event with our hot chocolate cart rental, perfect for chilly days or as a sweet treat for your guests.

Cappuccino Catering: Impress your guests with our cappuccino catering service, where we craft perfect cappuccinos with the right balance of espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

Mobile Coffee Cart: Our mobile coffee cart service brings the coffee shop experience to you, offering a range of coffee options served from our stylish carts, suitable for any event size.

At Coffee Catering Seattle, we’re passionate about providing exceptional coffee catering services that reflect the unique spirit of Seattle’s coffee scene. Let us help you make your next event a standout success with our bespoke coffee solutions.